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Hand-carved and hand-painted reproductions of Pacific Northwest Coast native shamans’ rattles. The original pieces are mostly in museums and institutions such as the Smithsonian and the British Museum. These reproductions are copies of ceremonial rattles.

Shamans in the tribes of the Pacific Coast used rattles in various ceremonies.

Tribes indigenous to that region include the Haida, Tlingit, Tsimshian, Kwakiutl, Heiltsuk, and Kwakwak’wakw.

The rattles all have meaning and symbolism. Individual product descriptions give further explanations. Bears, for example, are powerful totems.

The rattles are made to serve as home decor, but these rattles are life-sized. That means that you can absolutely use them. They have a pleasant sound.

We are big fans of the artwork of the tribes of the Pacific Northwest Coast. For one thing, one of us is from NW Canada. Another one of our principals grew up near the Museum of the American Indian in New York, and fell in love with the objects that these products are based on. Sadly, the young native people of the Pacific Northwest tribes have largely discontinued the age-old traditional art of carving. Therefore, works of art like these are largely unavailable, or cost in the tens of thousands of dollars. We worked with talented wood carvers in Bali, and developed various reproductions with them. When we sold imports in the 1990s,  the majority of our customers for these museum reproductions were native American and Canadian store owners who were thrilled to have such faithful replicas of Pacific Northwest native carvings.

We hope that you enjoy them too!

Pacific Coast Rattles

Shaman’s Bear Rattle

Shaman's Oyster Catcher Rattle

Pacific Coast Rattles

Shaman’s Oyster Catcher Rattle


Pacific Coast Rattles

Haida Bear Rattle