In brief.

We were one of the first importers to bring fair tradegifts from Bali and its vicinity in 1992. Since then, Bali is now our only source of stoner decor gifts. That’s because of the quality and versatility. The artists and artisans there are amazing. So we started a new company to deliver stoner gifts and new design pieces. As a result, in 2018, we launched Stoner Art & Decor.

What you will find at Stoner Art & Decor.

We host a vast collection of stoner decor pieces and more. Therefore, we are almost certain you will find something you like.
We want to facilitate your browsing experience. That is why our site is divided into three main sections.

Cannabis-themed gifts

The first one is Cannabis-themed gifts. This features lots of stoner-related objects. Consequently, there are five sub-categories. For instance, the tapestries and flags section displays a large array of cannabis themed textile decor. On the other hand, the pallet board design section is made of wood. Whereas the stash boxes and rolling trays section definitely caters to our ‘stoner’ clientele. In contrast, our acrylic canvases sub-category will appeal to a larger crowd. 

Spirits and Buddhas

Our second section, Spirits and Buddhas is organized into five sub-categories. For example, our carved buffalo and cow skullswill give your space a Southwestern look. Further, you may choose to wander through our museum source reproductions pages. There you will find buddhas carved boards, Native American masks, plaques, totems, etc.

Art and Photography

Finally, our last category, Art and Photography, includes a variety of canvas wall decor. Therefore, it has three sub-categories. The first one displays a large array of themed acrylic paintings and photographs. Next is Buddha-oriented and includes for instance wooden décor gifts and boards&gt. Finally, in the flags sub-category, there is a variety of marijuana themed items. Because our website is the only place to buy almost all of these items, you’ll be glad you found us.

General facts

We are located near the center of the United States. Our company ships to every state. Also, we cater to retail and wholesale customers.
Thank you for visiting our decor and gifts store gallery and for supporting our efforts!